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Partitions are important elements helping to divide the office into two zones: common and individual. The materials used allow to choose appropriate solutions adjusted to the users needs. Lower partitions reduce distraction in our work place.

Meanwhile, when we see our collegues at the workplace we become more aware of our loud conversation and thereby tailor our behavior to the behaviors of other in such a way as to interfere as little as possible to them.

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  • NEXT TCR Red
  • NEXT TGF Graphite
  • NEXT TGT Navy-blue
  • NEXT TPM Orange
  • NEXT TSZ Grey
  • NEXT TZN Green
  • NEXT TZT Yellow


  • MFC AAG Aluminium
  • MFC AAK Akacia
  • MFC AAN Antracite
  • MFC ABB White
  • MFC ADR Light oak
  • MFC AJA Apple
  • MFC ANN Natural walnut
  • MFC ASM Grey
  • MFC AWR Cinnamon cherry


  • Frame JAN metal anthracite
  • Frame JME metal metalic
  • Frame JMJ metal metalic light
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